Is it love? or It is love.

when you’re in a condition that if you see this one person, uhm, well just see, you don’t look in the eyes since it will make your legs jelly or you don’t have any guts since this person is always appearing in your mind, this one person you always worry about, and this person you will always love to see the smile..

when you’re in a condition that this one person always makes you smile, laugh and when you have a conversation with, it always ended up brightening your day. this one person who understands you a lot and you like wise..

and then the question and the statement that just popping up in your mind, is it love? or it is love. am guessing, the question will pop-up first and in a second will change into the statement. HA. and then you’ll call this kind of thought sort of a short-thinker? a fast lover? a hubbub one? well got my point right?

and the second thought would be the statement will come first and the question will come second but mostly it will still be a question and ended up with no good result. have no guts, shy, feeling doubtful are the biggest reasons why this thought won’t find the answer of this simple question, Is It Love?

frankly and also poorly, i am the type of person that have the second thought -_- the feeling not delivered, dead, and buried. wehey, no need to worry people, i am not so desperate like what your mind already wandering. i am fast in forgetting this kind of things too ;p 

but what my point here is,

  • it is okay to have a feeling to a person.
  • it is okay to have that doubt feeling. 
  • it is okay to fast falling in love to a person.

well have to remember that,

  • falling in love at the first-sight, many don’t believe, but this is love, man. the unexplainable and the unknowingly thing ever. but decide it well, if it is love or just like before you go forward..
  • the train won’t wait you, it will leave you if you’re late. well, if both sides already show any positives “signal”, don’t wait any longer, don’t doubting too much.
  • drawing conclusion too fast is not good, the faster you conclude it, the faster you receive the pain too..

so, same thoughts, peeps? and i am not a pro at this kind of things hihi.

and yes, i have a feeling to a person right now.


In the middle of that crowd

fall into a few conversations that we have recently make me realize that you are someone good and i kinda have this feeling that you are someone that fitted in with me and someone that i’ve been looking for :P

but this last conversation that we have a bit move me.

"i was looking for you in the middle of that crowd, but i didn’t found you"

“really? hahaha yes, last night was so full of crowd”

PS: hihihi thanks for looking for me, i am looking for you too as well!

too bad, i am not giving full attention to the conversation. but now i am remembering every words of ours! and i am waiting for a good continuation! also, this last conversation succeed to build up that broken mood :D. Thanksya